Perfume Your Home

8 years ago
4 minutes

When a busy lifestyle can get the better of you, and important items on our agenda takeover, this can get in the way of our senses, leaving our homes smelling rotten, putrescent and even mouldy.

A home that smell’s fresh and crisp, is one that people want to be in. 

Start this Spring by giving your home your own smell- think of it as your “greeting scent”, and something that represents you and the style of your home. 


Flowers are the perfect decoration for any home. Not only does their vibrant colours look strikingly beautiful as a decorative piece, but their fresh smell makes a statement when guests walk into that room. 

Stick to White on White in the bedrooms and bathrooms, whether it be tulips which are neutral in a decorated space, or white orchids, these work perfectly for a black and white room. Moreover they give off that newly harvested and garden fresh smell. 

A bunch of Blue Hydrangea flowers are perfect for a study/office area. They have one of the loveliest floral scents, but one that is not overpowering. The benefits of this glorious scent is a great addition to a living room, it is sweet yet aromatic and uplifting. 

Peach Blossoms or Blossom Stems create an instant and effortless blast of colour. In Spring, blossom stems are the perfect addition on top of a piano or hall table. Giving off an aroma of honey; its sweetness is strong. This narcotic scent is attractive to our senses, particularly in Spring time, reminding us of the bees that harvest precious pollen. 

Room Sprays 

Again, keep it simple in the bedroom and bathroom with your whites, cottons and linens. The simplistic look of these two rooms should have a jasmine or lime blossom smell. The jasmine smell has a touch of earthy green aroma, combined with freshly picked jasmine petals that create a pure and delicate scent. This aroma will leave a lasting impression to guests that use the bathroom, as well as filling your bedroom air with an evocative and lingering fragrance. 

Jasmine, Lavender and Cotton Flower room sprays have an exquisite scent that uplifts the spirit of any room. Try to have a different smell for a each room. 

These sprays don’t have to be used simply for the air, why not spray your towels, linens, clothes and shirts to have that everlasting beautiful smell. Even your table napkins, so that when having people over for dinner, the fragrance of your home and your personality is left tattooed in their mind. 

Scented Candles 

Verbena has a strong citrus smell of lemon combined with a grassy citronella scent. Its powerful smell of lemon tree and geranium is very crisp and perfect for a living room or kitchen. Not only does a shining candle in the middle of a room look fabulous, but its everlasting aroma can last up to 40 hours. 

Vanilla candles tend to have relations with pleasant childhood memories as it has a comforting and milky odour. Vanilla is usually used to help ease stress and anxiety, as a part of aromatherapy benefits. On a side note for the ladies, vanilla is one of the most attractive scents to men. 

Durance en Provence, located on 1022 High Street Armadale, offer a wide range of Room Sprays and Scented Candles that perfectly suit your home, whether you have a dark timber home with antiques and looking for a more intense smell, or a wooden style home and in search for that perfect fresh and ethereal aroma.


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