Pivot Technology For Apartments

8 years ago
1 minutes

We've all seen adapting apartments, but an apartment in Madrid, has simplified the concept.

With other rotating walls, the idea is for small apartments to feel bigger.

However, this apartment in Spain, designed by PKMN Architects, isn’t a tiny apartment, and still applies the changeable principles that have made the changing apartments so popular. 

"The apartment has the views towards the sea that the clients always dreamed of, but the existing partitions in the place didn't allow them to completely enjoy those views," said Pérez.

"The arrangement made with rotating partitions made it possible for them to have a very open space with a great panorama over the sea.”

PKMN Architects are renowned for their Little Big Houses scheme, where they focus on larger family homes in cities where there is a serious lack of affordable housing.

"The main motivation for us when we initiated the project was to be able to offer a response to the problems that a large amount of people find today – that their home is made according to housing standards that became obsolete a long time ago," Pérez said.

"Most people living in cities can't even afford a home with one bedroom, and our lives change much faster than our houses are able to cope with," he added.

"We think that it should be our houses that adapt to us and to the changes in our lives – not us having to adapt to a space that is not capable to change.”