Posh'd Bathroom

9 years ago
3 minutes

There's no better way to ease the stress after a hard day's work than taking a relaxing and revitalising dip into the bathtub. And what better way to get most out of the experience than turning your bathroom into your own personal spa. Here are a few tips to design your own posh-looking spa bathroom that will pamper your senses and make you forget about the outside world.

- First and foremost, remember that less is more. To create that sense of spa tranquillity, be as minimalistic in designing your bathroom as possible, and get rid of all the clutter you don't really need. Use simple wooden or glass bathroom shelves. The clean design will not only give your bathroom a calm and relaxed atmosphere, it will also save you a ton of money.

- Don't be afraid to experiment and be creative. There's absolutely no need to buy expensive bathroom hardware and accessories when you can build them on your own. For instance, it's a good idea to convert an antique dresser into a vanity with a glass vessel sink top by making the necessary plumbing adjustments. Adding a tall vintage-style faucet to that set will make the whole thing look amazing.

- Instead of buying new light fixtures try giving the ones you have a makeover. What's important here is to carefully choose the light bulbs. Yes, that's right. You don't want bright lights in your bathroom. The light should be soft and relaxing instead. It's also a good idea to take down your medicine cabinet and put a flush-mount mirror. Remember, always abide by the minimalist design! Doing that will make your bathroom look a bit spacious!

- Bring the nature in your bathroom. Human beings have always been intrinsically connected to nature. Probably this is why we all feel better outside. That's why it is always a good idea to incorporate nature-inspired elements in your home. Plus, it is also a scientific fact that simply looking at nature can lower your blood pressure. Nowadays there are a lot of products that promote the so-called 'return to nature' experience, but merely using them is not enough to feel like actually being in the nature. An out of the box idea is making yourself a moss mat. Walking barefoot on a green and soft moss carpet after taking a relaxing bath will give you an incredible sensation and will complement the overall experience.

– Pampering your senses. Designing a good bathroom should always be about the ambiance. A truly restorative bathroom will make all of your senses feel good. To achieve that don't use cold colours for the walls! Create an atmosphere of complete serenity by using earthy shades and neutral tones. Also, get a lot of scented candles. Candle light is much more relaxing than the artificial and often bright light of your bathroom fixture. What's more, the calming aroma of the candles will further the desired spa sensation.

There's no need to hire fancy designers to have your dream bathroom. Just bear these ideas in mind and most importantly, follow your gut. The result will surprise you.

By Margaret Swanton of Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne