Questions To Ask About Your Interiors

8 years ago
2 minutes

Just like the way you dress, the food you eat and the choices you make everyday, your home interiors, if done honestly, should be self-reflective of who you are.

It is imperative that each room of your home shows an aspect of your mood, personality and taste - adapted to purpose of that particular room’s function.

We must understand who we are and what we want before we start decorating. You want your space to communicate your taste to your guests so that they can connect on an emotional level, in a place that not only looks beautiful but feels good too. 

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What do you feel when you walk into the room? Cold? Warm? Alone? Confused?
  • What stands out immediately? The walls, the ceiling, the fixtures?
  • Is there any conflicting patterns or styles in the room? 
  • Is this purpose of the room available to function? Are couches easily accessible, is there a fluency to the room?

The first impression when you walk into your apartment has to be a good one. So what do you want your home say about you?

Seek inspiration from various sources such as trends of blogs and magazine articles for your interiors, but make sure you aren't copying every trend, keep your own style there. 

Incorporate the latest trends, finishes, fixtures, fittings and furniture with your style and personality. You can also modify furnishings with custom made designing to accommodate to your taste. 

Allow every space to reflect your hobbies and interests and culture. If you live with others, consider their tastes too and try to match them up to reflect everyones expressions. 

With objects you have a strong connection with, make them a statement piece in a room when redecorating. 

Allow them to glow as a centrepiece as it holds a strong narrative behind it. Collate elements of memories and your personality which will bring your home to life and give your spaces meaning. 

This may be as simple as hanging a religious cross on the wall or putting a special ancient vase on the centre of a table.