Quick and easy ways to improve your home before selling

4 years ago
2 minutes

Large renovations can be costly, and if you choose to undertake a large renovation before selling your home you may run the risk of not actually getting a full return on the cost to renovate. 

We’ve come up with some easy and affordable alternatives to increase your home’s resale value.


Your front fence, garden and door are the first points of contact people will have with your property when they come to inspect.

Make a good first impression by giving both the fence and the front door a fresh coat of paint. If your letterbox is looking a little worse for wear, think about buying a new one. Milkcan Outdoor Products has a great range, from basic steel to ornate stone mailboxes.


Kitchens are one of the most expensive rooms to renovate, but you can give yours an affordable refresh by updating your tapware, painting your cabinets and adding open shelving.

To go the extra mile, splurge on one new appliance. It can be costly to get a new oven, dishwasher and stovetop, but if you invest in just one it will act as a focal point, and prospective buyers will be more likely to overlook the other, older ones.



Water pressure is one of the first things people check out in the bathroom of a potential property purchase, and an outdated showerhead can inhibit water pressure. Bunnings has a great range at affordable prices. For bonus points, get a showerhead with adaptable water pressure settings like this Flexispray Handset. There are also new showerheads like this digital handset which enables users to set an exact temperature and gauge water usage.


Painting the walls of your bedroom is the fastest and easiest way to give the room a face-lift. Stick to neutral colours as these appeal to a wider audience, and are more versatile — so prospective homeowners can imagine their own personal touch on the place more clearly. Invest in good-quality curtains, and buy new light fittings to update the room even further. 


This is possibly the most time consuming, but it’s one of the simplest tricks you can do to turn your backyard into a key selling point for your home. Spend a month watering your garden in the morning before the sun rises. The week before the first people come through to inspect your property, trim your grass with your mower on the highest setting so it sits at around three inches for that perfect springy feeling.

For a quicker fix, manicure your garden by doing the weeding and sweep away leaves. If you have an old outdoor set, grab a new cheap one from IKEA or something similar to help buyers imagine what life could be like in your home.

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