Quick and inexpensive ways to reinvigorate your kitchen

3 years ago
2 minutes

We have been spending a lot more time than usual at home over the past few months, meaning many of us will be feeling the urge to change-up our space.

If you're feeling like your kitchen could do with some rejuvenation but don’t want to empty your wallet to do it, there are some quick and affordable solutions that could be perfect for you. 

Whether your kitchen is brand-new or in need of a refresh, we’ve found some affordable ways you can style up your cooking experience — and all for less than $100!


Tea towels

The simplest and the least expensive trick is a new set of tea towels, which can add a pop of colour to your kitchen. 

Tea towels are a great way to embrace a new colour pallet, and can be linked to existing colours in your kitchen to create a uniform aesthetic. For instance, if you have a coloured splashback, you can buy tea towels of the same colour group in different shades, which adds a stylish and interesting pop of colour. 

Hang one over the oven door handle and your kitchen is instantly coordinated.




Who says your artwork has to stay in the living area?

As leaving your house to select new kitchen art may be challenging in your area at the moment, going online and buying super-affordable downloadable prints from sites like Etsy is a great option.

Officeworks offers an upload and print option on their website, and will deliver your art to your door!

image credit: "A Unique Off-The-Plan Home" – The Design Files



Add a feature fruit bowl

Fruit bowls are not just an affordable and beautiful addition to your kitchen, they’re also a great way to keep yourself committed to eating the recommended 3 serves a day. 

Whether you choose an intricately cut fruit bowl or a more pared-back natural timber kind, you can place the bowl in the middle of your kitchen island bench so when fruit runs low, you’ll remember to top it up.



Brightening up your kitchen doesn't have to cost excessive amounts of money - and a few small touches may help to rejuvenate your space.


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