Rebel Wilson moves into celebrity NY apartment

6 years ago
2 minutes

Making waves in the property market right now is Aussie actress Rebel Wilson and her recent purchase of a $3.85 million New York pad. Already the owner of two LA homes, the Pitch Perfect star is certainly building an enviable portfolio of luxury properties.

After recently winning a defamation case in court against Bauer Media, Wilson commented, “I really love my job as an actress and entertainer and now I just look forward to building my career – now that the record has been set straight.” Tearing up the magazine’s false depiction of her and turning over a new leaf, it was the perfect time to move into a new home.


Currently filming her latest movie Isn’t It Romantic in New York City, alongside co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Modern Family’s Adam Devine, the actress needed a place in New York to call home.

Her new 410 sqm residence belongs to a particularly noteworthy apartment block, a former Manhattan bookbindery located in New York’s Tribeca neighbourhood. Over the past few years, the building has proven to be a serious famous folk magnet with a number of attractive features.


She shares her new address at 443 Greenwich Street with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Harry Styles, Meg Ryan and Jennifer Lawrence. 

Rebel Wilson’s two bedroom apartment’s heightened privacy (apparently the entire building is paparazzi proof) means we are unable to show you too many interior shots (and trust us, we love interior shots more than anyone so we feel your pain) – but we do have a few juicy details on the building’s luxurious amenities.


Without even leaving their VIP walls, residents can access a 71-foot indoor swimming pool, a children’s playroom, a huge roof terrace, a fitness centre, a temperature controlled wine cellar and a hamam, which Google has just confirmed is, in fact, a Turkish bath. Regular baths are so passé in the celeb world.

If this article has left you feeling overwhelmingly starstruck and with a burning desire to live at 443 Greenwich Street, word on the street is Jennifer Lawrence is renting out her NY pad. So if you’re ready to take the anxiety of bumping into your neighbour in the lift to a new level, give her a bell.

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