Reduce your closet clutter

4 years ago
2 minutes

Spring might seem far off, but it’s right around the corner. So it might be time for the season’s namesake clean.

Decluttering your home not only creates a more spacious looking household, but it has its health benefits as well. So follow these three steps to begin your closet cleanup. 


The idea of keeping sentimental treasures is sweet, but it’s not entirely practical. You really don’t need that old jumper your previous partner bought you and now barely fits. You also don’t need every framed piece of art your child did back in preschool. 

How much are you really enjoying items that are packed up in a box? If it’s something really meaningful, take a picture of it — it will live in the cloud forever.

Instead of throwing it all out, think about a potential payday. You could get decent money for that brand-new handbag you never used because you didn’t like the colour, or that gadget someone bought you for your birthday. Sell them on eBay, or Gumtree, or maybe hold a garage sale. 


For some items though, think of the less fortunate. Do your part by donating old clothes, bags or accessories that you don’t need. Brighten the day of someone who isn’t fortunate enough to have clutter.

Pack away 

We get it, not all of the stuff you uncover you want to sell, donate or trash. So, start packing away the things you don’t use or won’t for a while, like that thick winter coat you won’t use until next year.

If needs be, start finding new ways to house things. The objective is to provide a home for things that might otherwise end up lying on the closet floor. Try installing hanging shoe holders to the inside of the door or creating new shelving to contain more of your clutter. Trays are also a great way of providing easy organisation and simple access to your items.



This packing away does not mean having multiple ‘man draws’ or cupboards piled full of shoes and clothes — you’ll be back to square one before you know it.

Determine what items are without a designated place and start there. Generally, you want to organise the stuff you use, and the stuff you don’t. So determine which pieces should be organised and which should be stored away. 

Regularly reevaluate your things. The stuff you’re not using can be moved to storage and the items in storage you’ve not used for a while can be purged. It’s the never-ending cycle.

Once you’re done, you should have a sparkling clean closet — perfectly housing all your unused items or clothing.


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