Is residential architecture going around the bend?

7 years ago
1 minutes

New York never ceases to provide fresh architectural amazement. It seems every week there’s a new apartment building pushing new boundaries. But this one might just be the craziest we’ve seen.

The Big Bend skyscraper was dreamed up by NY based architects Oiio, and features an incredible looped top so high it’s vertigo-inducing just to think about.


OK, as you may have guessed, this is more of an architectural statement concept than a serious proposition. It’s a response to the recent trend in super-slender residential towers in Manhattan that have been accused of bending the rules of New York City’s zoning laws in their race to be crowned the tallest.

Current planning laws allow developers to purchase air space above neighbouring buildings, enabling them to extend outwards and be taller.

The Big Bend cheekily makes the bold claim of being the ‘longest skyscraper in the world.’ If straightened out, the building would, in fact, be 1.22 kilometres end to end.

With many architects using their opportune to make a visual statement on a city’s skyline, the chance to make a more meaningful statement is thought-provoking one.

Whilst joined towers are not a new idea – Melbourne is about to get its own with Collins Arch – the sheer audacity of The Big Bend’s design has certainly brought attention to Oiio’s discussion regarding just how high a residential tower should strive to be.

source: dezeen