Revamping Your New Bedroom

9 years ago
3 minutes

What is it that makes a bedroom so inviting in all those interior magazines? Spending a fortune isn’t necessary, but it’s definitely worth investing a little more than you may already be, into your linen, lighting and accessories.

Pillows & Cushions

A super quick and affordable way to refresh a bedroom is with the pillows and cushions on the bed. Why not play with the height and shape? Nothing makes a simple setting look more formal than simply placing two European pillows behind your standards – either in the same colour of your sheets, or make them super vibrant with an interesting texture or pattern that ties in with your existing linen. A few scatter cushions always looks lovely, however mix it up with perhaps a round cushion with some cute fringing or pom pom trim and a bolster or two. Perhaps a custom shaped cushion such as an animal or interesting object will bring excitement to the setup.


So the latest buzzwords used in marketing in relation to linen is ‘Thread Count’. When it comes to thread count you can pretty much rely on sticking to anywhere between a count of 200 – 400 and you’ll be pretty comfortable. It’s the ‘quality’ of thread and not ‘quantity’ that you should focus on in this instance and Egyptian cotton is generally the way to go (refined fibres, less chance of pilling).


Let us not forget our trusty bedsides! It isn’t always necessary to have a matching set – mix it up a little with stools or armless wooden chairs if you have an eclectic look going on. Something a little more glamorous required? Keep an eye out for bone-inlay or mirrored tables. Take it a step further by placing a long ottoman or low bench at the base of the bed to really up the luxe factor.

Have you also considered a headboard? No longer something considered old school – a headboard is a great way to inject colour or texture into your bedroom.


Without it, you’re in the dark – literally! Here’s some key notes to help you re-think your current lighting situation:

Ambient – This is the general room lighting possibly originating from downlights, oysters or maybe even a suspended pendant. 

Task – This kind of light comes from a light source that is stronger and targeted, much like a lamp that can be adjusted for reading purposes.

Accent – This kind of lights main focus is to highlight architectural features in a room or maybe even artwork on the walls.

Just as furniture and accessories can be layered, so too can lighting.  If you have an empty corner, perhaps a striking floor lamp will make all the difference? Current suspended lamp looking a little sad? There are interesting options out there in intriguing shapes that can really highlight an otherwise dull space – and don’t forget, you can have smaller suspended pendants as bedside lighting if suspended a little lower than usual.

Why not have a look at your bedroom and see what small changes you can make for a massive impact.

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