Rotating house maximises sun and shade

5 years ago
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The old north-facing home preference would essentially be rendered redundant by this remarkable house from Polish architects KWK promes.

Named the Quadrant House after the ancient maritime navigational instrument it mimics, it has been designed with a huge slice that rotates a full 90 degrees in two directions, joining up with the rest of the home on either side or stopping at any point in-between.

Set within the lawn of the home’s rear garden is a curved rail over which this mobile terrace runs. On one side it becomes a shaded, outdoor extension to the home’s spa, on the other it extends and shades the home’s main living area which is open on both sides, thus protecting it from low sunlight and winds without blocking the view of the garden.


Able to sit in any position along the rail, this mobile terrace offers the residents a shaded, open-sided place to relax and entertain which can be easily moved to track with the position of the sun throughout the day.

The movement of the terrace is fully automated (with sensors that will stop it in its tracks should it encounter an obstacle), but it can also be operated manually if the residents choose to do so.

Designed and manufactured by Comstal, the terrace is attached to the rest of the house by huge hinges, which the architect Robert Konieczny decided not to hide. It is programmed to constantly move throughout the day so the lawn beneath gets plenty of sunshine and grows normally. It reacts to the sun’s movements and slowly shifts itself accordingly, ensuring plenty of shade and ventilation for those inside the home at different times.


The terrace also has its own shade blinds so that it can be a self-contained part of the home, or to provide complete privacy when it is aligned with either the living area or the spa.

As Konieczny explains, “Inhabitants of the Quadrant House discover new advantages of the mobility of their building every day, which translates into functionality and pleasure of life.”

The rest of this innovative house is also packed with bold features. Not least of which is the fact that a cleverly transitioned roof is square and modernist at the rear and gabled at the front to reflect the traditional houses in the area.

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image by juliusz sokoàowski

source: designboom