9 years ago
1 minutes

It is not often in this technologically advanced world that something makes you say 'wow'!

Scann3d is a new company helped developed by Trent Clews-De Castella, that has an emphasis on a 3 dimensional real estate experience - whether it be 3D floor plans, coloured floor plans, or the latest, and most impressive, 3D tour experiences.

Unlike other 'digital tours' this technology allows for you to see precise measurements and angles from with inside a home or apartment - it is effectively a Google Maps for real estate.

It is currently being trialed in over 250 high-end properties throughout Melbourne and Sydney.

You can even see how much space there is between a bed and the wall, or the clearance to see how wide the fridge alcove is. It really is incredible!

For more information or to experience the product for free, head over to