The secret to successfully designing your interiors

8 years ago
2 minutes

Getting the look and feel right in an apartment can be difficult, even for those who have been doing it for years.

More often than not, the main problem isn't choosing what you want, it's knowing what needs to be there to create the vibe or look that you desire.

Move it around 

You’re staring at the wall in your living room, seeing your new art piece, positioned exactly where you want it, but you glance to your right and that feeling of accomplishment is gone - something is missing - but what?

It is here that most people get stuck - does a chair, a cabinet, a piece of art, a stool deserve to be there?

Aside from photoshopping, there is only one way to give yourself a feel about how it will eventually look, and that is by getting something from another room, and placing it there.

If it works, it may not make up your mind, but it will refine it, and if you’re lucky, confine it to a certain context.

Watch out for conflicts 

Specifically with wood, be it on your floor, your walls, or in your furniture; tones, strokes, types, and grains can all conflict with each other.

If you have some shiny dark oak floorboards, it is fair to suggest that paler woods may create a conflict - the same goes for carpet, some colours work, and some don’t.

To save you time in battling different exchange policies at different stores, take a sample of your carpet or floorboard into furniture stores as you shop around!

Consistency through your home

This is imperative - you want your living and dining rooms to have the same feel - leaving one room for another should feel like a transition, but it shouldn’t feel strange.

The consistency through the rooms should flow and morph, rather than be a total transition.

This can be achieved by sticking to some themes throughout your home - set your living room as the epicentre, and branch out from there. Blacks, browns and pastels should stay as the anchor to your design principals, and then add your personal touches throughout.

Keep it real

Your home is your home, and is not a display home. Have touches of your passions throughout and it will automatically reflect a warm and personable home.

Whether you are living in an ultra-modern apartment, or a more contemporary penthouse, keeping your feet on the ground is pivotal to the happiness of your home and its occupants.