Shiver me timbers! The shipwreck tower set to be the Czech Republic's tallest building

4 years ago
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To see a shipwreck you normally have to submerge a few hundred feet under the sea, but if you live in Prague you could be set to see one every day — or at least a representation of one.

A controversial skyscraper that looks like an upturned oil tanker in a crash with an office block could soon be the country’s tallest building.


Black n' Arch and sculptor David Černý have designed the impressive structure to envelop the 135-metre-high building, named Top Tower, which will contain a mix of housing and office spaces.

The striking form is a reminder of climate change — that one day rising sea levels could result in ships crashing into buildings.


The structure has been commissioned by Prague developer Tigema, but is currently undergoing planning permission for a site close to the capital city’s metro station Nové Butovice and is set to take less than three years to complete. 

It is hoped that the tower, which is outside Prague's urban conservation area, will revitalise the public pedestrian zone outside the metro station.


"The project under preparation will be outside the protected zone of the urban conservation area and outside the area prohibiting high-rise buildings," explained Trigema.

"At the same time, it is located far enough away from the centre of Prague, so that it will not be visible from the vast majority of places in the centre of the metropolis and will not disturb the historical city skyline."


There is little information on the make-up of the development, but the shipwreck is expected to be made of red-coloured steel and wrapped with climbing plants, standing out from the pared-back rectangular tower.

At the top, an observation deck and garden will allow guests to view the wonderful vistas of the city and beyond. Inside, there will be approximately 250 small apartments available to rent, alongside offices and a cultural centre, and shop units on the lowest two floors.

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(Image credit: Trigema via Pen News)