A Shopping Guide To Copper At Husk

8 years ago
3 minutes

It’s time to shop outside the box and start shopping for some unique items to spark up your home.

Husk have a range of unique items for copper home decor. Industrial metal, copper and bronze are this season’s superstar decor, so it’s time to incorporate some copper into your look. 

These days, it is hard to imagine houses without a small amount of worship to copper! You can easily do it in small and elegant ways to add some copper accent to your living space! 

Husk have some beautiful and small copper pieces to help you start off the obsession with this magnificent metal and jazz up your home in an industrial way. 

The Guarida Table Lamp has a natural wood base which is beautiful complimented by the warm glow of a copper metal shade. The “Lamp Guarida Copper” is at a good price of $299.00 and can be placed in almost any room of the house, the living room, a bedroom, a study or a hallway. 

Now this is unlike any other copper decor you've seen! This fabulous tap on/off and touch sensitive dimmer copper lamp is out of this world! The light radiates from this retro inspired design and is perfect on a stack of books or simply sitting beside the couch. The “Edgar Sol Lamp Copper” is a seductive piece, particularly with its dimmer with only a soft touch, for $199.00 at Husk today. You’d be crazy not to want this as your first copper piece in your living room.