Should You Use Bottled Water At Home?

8 years ago
2 minutes

More and more people are beginning to question whether water from the tap or water from a bottle is safer and which is better for you?

Of course in your home, the convenience of tap water is great. Easy to refill your glass, quick and easy to use and is cheaper than buying a few plastic bottles every day. There are also a range of healthy minerals in tap water like magnesium and calcium which is good for your health. Fluoride is often added to this tap water as it is a source to promote healthy bones and teeth. 

The thing to look out for is the source which your tap water retrieves its water from. If your water supply at home is linked to a private well, be sure to carry out frequent water testing to make sure it is safe to drink. 

Bottled water on the other hand, has some other advantages and disadvantages. Of course around the house, bottled water is preferred to limit the amount of dishes we have and is convenient to leave on your nightstand or by the couch. While it is easy to carry around, calorie-free, refreshing and can often taste better than tap water, the issue with bottled water is the plastic bottle it is in. 

These bottles are not biodegradable and therefore must be recycled. If they aren’t recycled they can haste a huge impact on the environment we live in today. Moreover there are many chemicals used in the manufacturing process of these plastic bottles which can lead to a harm in human health. 

So when it comes down to which is safer or which one you should choose… it all depends on the source of your tap water and the brand of plastic bottle you buy. Bottled water is clean and pristine but the issues with the use of plastics can cause a harm to our health. Tap water is well regulated and convenient but again the water source always matters.