Showcasing NSW Apartment Bathrooms 2018

6 years ago
2 minutes

Bathrooms universally unite human beings. In countries all over the world, bathing is an integral part of our daily routines. It makes sense, then, that these private, intimate spaces have become essential features of our homes. They’re mini-havens that we invest in and take care of, and that appeal to our senses when they are both functional and visually stunning.

Bathroom interior design has evolved over the years. Where once these areas were only used economically — shower, brush your teeth, leave — they have increasingly become spaces where we are spending more and more time. We wake up and use the bathroom as we mentally prepare for the day ahead or we come home from a long day and take refuge in our spa-like sanctuaries.

In light of this, we thought we would feature a selection of the stunning bathroom designs we have come across in our Apartment Developments listings.


The Wave, Rockdale

The apartments at the Wave, Rockdale, are inspired by nature — a theme that influenced the interior bathroom design.

In these bathrooms, the elegant stone-hued tiling demonstrates the trend sweeping across Australia. The blending of earthy tones with crisp white finishes creates a stylish contrast while evoking the tranquility of nature.


The Mason, Belfield

Architects at Olsson Associates, the brains behind The Mason in Belfield, know the value of bathrooms, quoting: “Bathrooms at The Mason have become highly refined, clean and elegant spaces. The subtle details make them comfortable, relaxing and easy to use.”

Luxurious, oversized floor to ceiling tiles are the perfect accompaniment for the custom stone wall-hung vanity. And the black matte tapware and stone hues, while not new, are one of the top design trends — at the 2018 Milan Bathroom Design Week, many exhibits displayed black matte tapware.


South Village, Kirrawee

The bathrooms reflect the overall style of the meticulously designed South Village apartments, created by award-winning architects, Turner studio.

Expansive mirrored cabinetry and marble finish benchtops add to the opulence of South Village bathrooms. Marble has become increasingly popular because the material has long-lasting and durable qualities and is aesthetically elegant and timeless.


Shoreline, Manly Beach

Apartments at Shoreline are crafted to represent an extension of the nearby Manly Beach ocean. Open and airy, the interiors are in tune with the suburb — extending to the bathrooms.

Couples can now spend mornings together, using the double vanities as they prepare for the day ahead at Shoreline. These bathrooms display all of the top design trends: feature mirror with backlighting, freestanding bath in its own compartmentalised area, and ample storage with pull-out drawers — this bathroom will be your pampering haven.

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