Simple swaps for sustainability

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For many people, the thought of sustainable living implies a significant sacrifice to their current lifestyle. However, there’s really no need to completely overhaul the lifestyle you love to be a little more eco-conscious. Trust us, once you take the first step you will quickly realise how easy it is to tread lightly on mother nature. 


Swap single-use for reusable

Beeswax wrap from HoneyBee Wrap.

Opting for reusable products is the most common swap for sustainability. So next time you’re at the shops, rather than restocking the cling wrap, why not try out beeswax wraps? Beeswax wraps are a reusable, washable and sustainable alternative to single-use plastic and cling wrap. They also come in a beautiful variety of fun patterns! While you’re at it, grab a pack of silicone food covers and pouches for leftovers you want to keep completely airtight.


Swap petrol for electric

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If you’re looking for a new car, why not consider electric? It’s not just Teslas anymore; there are plenty of options for hybrid or fully electric cars. Many new off-the-plan developments around the nation are future-proofing their builds by integrating electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in residents parking areas. At The Wilds, Beulah has made their residents’ switch to an eco-conscious lifestyle even easier by including provisions for EV charging stations to all houses. 


Swap disposable for reusable coffee cups

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While disposable coffee cups need a thin plastic lining to keep them from disintegrating, this also means paper recycling streams can’t properly process these cups. While we might throw our disposable cups in the paper recycling bins with the best of intentions, this can contaminate the collection and get the entire recycling haul sent to landfill. The easiest - and most stylish - swap for disposable cups is a reusable one. There are plenty of brands out there including KeepCup, Klean Kanteen and Frank Green. Not only will you be reducing waste, but reusable cups tend to keep your coffee warm for much longer than a disposable cup. Win-win! 


Swap liquid for solid

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This swap goes for a lot of products most of us have around the house. From perfumes to laundry detergent to dishwashing soap - the packaging for many of these products creates a ridiculous amount of waste. Additionally, you’re also paying for a lot of water that is (practically) free from your tap - so why not try out a few solid alternatives? 

There’s absolutely no need to completely overhaul your lifestyle if you’re looking to live a little more sustainably - although, you would be surprised how big an impact a few small changes can make! 

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