A Slide In Your Apartment

8 years ago
1 minutes

An apartment, built by Ki Design Studio, features a slide that allows occupants to go from level two to level one.

Located in Kharkiv, Ukraine, the slide is tubular and smooth, and saves time walking down the stairs (yes there are still stairs).

From the bedroom upstairs, to the living room below, the slide can make you go from one room on one level, to one room on another level in a moment of seconds.

Landing in the living room, the room itself has an open fire-place, where a bare brick painted walls is presented with simplistic Scandinavian interiors and pale woods reveal an impressive openness.

This option offers a unique way to change levels aside from the ultra-expensive elevator. And ultimately brings the convenience of sliding down a slide, yet still encourages exercise using the stairs, as you have to walk up.

The slide-design comes about as European architects are trying to find new ways to invigorate apartment-design. As apartments need to remain design savvy, considering space and affordability, it is now on architects, and interior designers alike to continue the theory that design is more important than space.

Whilst a slide is a more fun and gimmicky additive to a home, it's theory remains the same: that no matter how large or how small an apartment is, forward thinking and innovative design and floor plans allow for ease of living, and ultimately, a more profound and strong investment opportunity.