Small but affordable ways to upgrade each room of your house

4 years ago
3 minutes

If you’ve just moved into your brand-new home it can be tempting to go all-out and buy a complete set of new furniture. However, this can burn a serious hole in your wallet. Instead, look at these small and affordable ways to create a sense of luxurious in each room of your home.


The main feature of any bedroom is, of course, the bed. If you’ve had your bed frame for a long time now and it’s feeling a bit old and outdated, then you should look at buying a new headboard. A headboard is a fraction of the price of a new bed frame plus mattress and it is easy to install. You can inject instant sophistication with this elegantly upholstered headboard or choose a lattice patterned headboard for a different vibe altogether. 

Living room

You want to invest in high-quality couches and armchairs for your living room and these can cost thousands of dollars, especially if you’re buying new. Resist the urge to rush out and purchase a new couch. Instead, get a new couch cover. Play with patterns, colours and textures, just remember to buy the right size for your sofa. One of the best things about sofa covers is that you can buy an outrageous pattern or hot pink colour and it won’t matter if you get sick of it down the track — you can simply remove it.


You certainly don’t want to change the beautiful design of your brand-new kitchen but you may feel you’d like to add a touch of your own individual personality to it. There are easy ways to do this! Purchase an oversized clock to act as a statement piece next to your fridge or benchtops. Alternately, add a splash of colour to an otherwise neutral colour palette with these beautiful tea towels. 



Don’t go out and get entirely new towels and bath mats if the ones you have already are still fine to use. Instead, create a new lush vibe in your bathroom by placing green plantings on the window sill and on a stool in the corner. Or, create your own kokedama hanging garden — find out how to DIY here.


Outdoor furniture can be expensive and you’ll want to settle into your new home before you make any hefty purchases. But you’ll still want to be able to use your outdoor space. You can DIY your own furniture by utilising rustic wooden pallets. You can ask local hardware stores if they can give you leftover pallets for free, or else hit up Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace to see if any users are donating theirs. Arrange two pallets on top of each other, add a few outdoor cushions and voila — you have your own outdoor seating which will have cost you nothing! 

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