Smart Mirrors

9 years ago
1 minutes

Technological advancement is dominating markets today. As you may have heard many times, we are developing new technologies faster than we can use them.

Technology within the home is also on the receiving end, with home-based technologies being responsible for over $9bn AUD world wide.

Online tools are also making it easier for interior designers to design and place exactly what you want.

Pinterest, an online website and smartphone app, allows users to search keywords for images, and sort them into different albums - ie Vintage Brown Leather Arm Chairs.

But it is more the hands-on technology that is making spaces, like apartments, have multi-functionality in rooms that had previously served only one purpose.

Smart Mirrors are now the talking point, to which a mirror can become a painting, can measure heat, and can also remind you of what you have planned for the day as you wake up in the morning - oh and it can help you decide on what outfit to wear.

Using similar technology to an iphone, the mirror records messages, talks to you, and can help plan your busy week. It syncs with your phones, and will be able to tell if you look under the weather as well!

Unfortunately these are not on the market just yet, but expect some progressions to be made later this year.