St Kilda's No-Car Movement

8 years ago
1 minutes

St Kilda, under the guise of the Port Phillip Council, is going through a serious renaissance. From the St Kilda Triangle re-designs a decade a go, to today, where the Port Phillip Council unanimously voted towards re-structuring Acland St so that it will act a person-only walk-way.

Carparks, and car roads will be removed so that Acland St will become a foot-mall much like the CBD’s Bourke St.

The Acland Street streetscape will include an integrated streetscape with a promenade feel to encourage pedestrians to stroll along the street. A new level-access tram terminus for Route 96 will be located just before the entrance to Acland Court, with a new public plaza between Acland Court and Barkly Street.

The Council decision follows a two phase community engagement approach during 2015 to develop and seek feedback on a draft streetscape framework plan. Across the two consultation periods held in March/April and October/November, approximately 1,500 individual consultation responses were received.

Much like The Grove in Los Angeles, Acland St’s upgrade will be like an outdoor mall - with the existing 96 tram stop being moved 54 metres into Acland St to decrease total congestion.

The Grove, Los Angeles

With VCAT’s recent rejection of a carpark-free off the plan apartment development in Brunswick, the question still remains - does Melbourne, and Australia, want to decrease the reliance on cars - forcing people to use the far more affordable, and environmentally friendly, public transport.

Melbourne’s new London-like tube system is currently in the works, so ultimately, the publics agenda is towards a no-car future.