Stay in this Manhattan Apartment for just $1 per month

7 years ago
2 minutes

Sure, it’s a gimmick. But who wouldn’t want to stay in a stunning Manhattan loft apartment for just $1 per month?

Rupert Hunt, the founder and CEO of has just launched his search to find someone to share this luxurious US$8 million apartment with him, listing it on the room sharing site.

He says he’s looking for two people to share the apartment and help him explore New York when he moves there from the London.

With classic interiors and exposed brick the three-bedroom apartment spans three floors and features a spacious rooftop terrace from which to enjoy the views of Manhattan’s skyline. It is located on Bleecker Street in New York’s cool West Village district. If you’re chosen, expect to spend plenty of time enjoying the local music and comedy clubs.

Whilst this publicity stunt is really planned to generate media commentary, like this very article, mentioning (you’re welcome, Rupert), it still highlights the demand for convenient apartment living at low cost.

With a typical room rental rate in the neighbourhood sitting at around $1,800 per month, NYC’s notoriously high property prices have resulted in many tenants choosing to pool together and share the cost of renting a larger space than they could afford themselves.

And for Hunt, the great thing about sharing is the people you meet. As he explained to, the people you spend your first few months with in a new city make a huge difference to your experience. He hopes the chosen two will use the opportunity of moving to New York to fulfil their dreams, just like he did when he first moved to London. And who wouldn’t be happy to have their dreams fulfilled for just $1?

You can apply to stay in the apartment here. Though, we suspect the list may be a long one…

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