Stop lion around! Check out some animal shaped furniture and appliances

4 years ago
2 minutes

Sure, a nice picture of the African Savana with some zebras, rhino and antelope hanging up in your home can make a nice accompaniment — but how about bringing them to life?

There are plenty of items out there that take inspiration from the natural world and creatures great and small. We have a look at the weird and wonderful world of animal-inspired furniture and appliance pieces.

Hippo chair 

Máximo Riera has made a variety of animal-inspired chairs, including a buffalo, elephant, whale and hippo.

credit: Maximo Rierra

This number presents a giant hippo seemingly grazing in an imaginary grassland but has a large seated area for relaxation built into its side.

The bespoke studio in London has a whole range of different animals in all sizes, including a chair with frogs legs ready to hop into your living room.

credit: Maximo Rierra

Bear bookcase 

Playful meets practical for this bear-y genius bookshelf by Baby & Child.

credit: Baby & Child

This grandly scaled bookcase houses an array of multi-sized cubbies that create an eye-catching cache of books, toys, and collectables once filled.

Horse lamp 

Hold your horses! Moooi by Front presents a life-sized equestrian piece that holds a light coming out of its head.

credit: Moooi

Don’t think Moooi is a one-trick pony, they offer plenty of other contemporary items of furniture. They even do a glass table that’s being held up by a pig.

credit: Moooi

Lion table 

If you enjoy something a little more regal, perhaps this lion table is something to roar about.

credit: Goldition

Part of the Lion Collection at Goldition, it’s inspired by the aggression, leadership, and hunger of nature’s ultimate apex predator.

Fish jug 

Designed by Gluggle, their line of gluggle jugs in the shape of fish are made to produce a ‘glug’ sound every time you pour water from it.

credit: Guggle

It’s a great feature to have on your dining table full time, or just bring it out at dinner parties and impress your friends and family.

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