Storage problem? Sleep on it

2 years ago
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Have you looked under the bed lately? The place where monsters once hid may be the space that brings new order to your life.

We all want more storage. There never seems to be enough room for the ever-growing collection of items we have in our lives, but we tend not to think of under the bed as prime real estate. Have a look. There may be as much space there as in a large cupboard. It is particularly good for items that we use rarely, for out-of-season clothing, and for such things as spare doonas and blankets.


Built-in bed storage

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A lot of bed manufacturers incorporate drawers into the base with two on either side. This is the classic solution and provides plenty of storage. But it doesn’t utilise all of the space available, because the drawer placing allows for the bedside tables. For full use of every centimetre, go for the gas-lift bed frame which raises the mattress to reveal a cave of storage underneath. The bed looks like a conventional upholstered base and mattress, but the mattress is on a slatted frame and the entire base section is available.


Off-the-shelf options

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If your bed has a timber frame on raised legs, you have great options. Most homewares stores have under-bed containers that are neat, nifty and economical. Fitted with wheels and handles for easy access, they have a clip-on lid and are made of transparent plastic so you can quickly find what you're looking for.

Space saver bags, or vacuum storage bags, are the clever solution that lets you store only the items, not the air around them. Extract the air with a vacuum cleaner and you can fit double or even triple the number of items as conventional storage.

Vacuum storage bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes – flat bags for clothing, cubes, and totes for larger items such as doonas and blankets. Fill the bag, close it, and then attach the vacuum cleaner hose to the valve on the top. Turn on the vacuum and the bag will shrink as the air is removed. Turn off the vacuum when the bag stops shrinking, remove the hose and replace the cap. This great solution also protects against insects, dirt, mildew, and odours.


More room in the kid’s room

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There's plenty of storage opportunities in the kid's rooms too. How about raising the bed frame to create space for drawers and cupboards underneath and having little steps up. Another great way to maximise efficiency in a child’s room is the bed stored under the bed. Trundle beds are perfect for sleepovers and small guests!

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