Styling Your Christmas Day

8 years ago
2 minutes

You’re either a Christmas nut, or you’re not - that you cannot change.

This article is aimed at the former, so if you’re a reincarnation of the Grinch, maybe you should click here.

When it comes to hosting a Christmas event, the attitude of the task at hand will ultimately reflect the potential level of success of your event.

Christmas Day is fast becoming more secular, and more a preference to focus on coming together, no matter what the religion. 

So for you Christmas lovers, here are the ultimate things to consider when you’re hosting a Christmas party - so much so that a Hoo from Hooville would be proud.

1. Stick to a theme

No matter if it is silver, green, red or white, have a theme and stick to it.

Be it a colour, or another theme (our family usually do Danish Christmases, but we’re Danish duh), but this year, we are doing a French themed one.

Another great suggestion is a ‘Winter Wonderland’ where you can bring in kilos of fake snow, along with lines of trees - this can all be done indoors, and will make your Christmas one to remember.

2. Don’t be afraid to try

The more overboard you go, the better your event will be. Be it real or fake trees, decorations or music - the idea is to create an immersion.

Activities can be a good idea, be it a Christmas trivia, Bad Santa, Kris Kringle or even other team orientated games.


3. And finally, be sure that your main Christmas tree is on point

The pinnacle of Christmas decorations is the family Christmas tree. The more in sync this is with who you are, the more proud of it you will be. The tree should be the centre of everyone’s immediate attention - all presents should go near or under the tree, and the day should focus around giving, receiving, but most importantly, about being with your friends and family.