Bedroom Lighting

8 years ago
2 minutes

When you move in to your brand new apartment one of the very first things you’ll want to do is get your bed set up to ensure that no matter how long it takes you to unpack, you have somewhere comfortable to sleep each night.

Your bedroom is where you spend a lot of your time, so making sure you make the right choices when it comes to everything from the style of mattress you have to the lighting choices you make is really important.

When it comes to lighting up your bedroom there are a few key principals to be aware of. You’ll most likely have one ceiling light fixture or downlights. These are the basic lights that every bedroom has. Then it’s up to you to add further lighting to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere.

Bedside table lamps

Bedside table lamps are an important investment because you don’t want to have to leave a warm bed once you’re ready to put that book down and go to sleep. Give your bedroom symmetry by having the same table lamps on each side of the bed.

Wall lights

Wall lights are another option for bedside lighting. For classic contemporary rooms, having wall lights on either side of a large bed head can look stunning and provide you with the lighting you need to read while also creating general ambience after dark.

Wardrobe lighting 

If you have a walk in wardrobe or cupboard, having a sensor light installed here is a great idea. That way every time you go to look at your clothing or shoes, the light will automatically turn on. This way to, you won’t be wasting energy if you forget to turn the light off as well.

Feature pendant lights for bedrooms

When you move into your brand new apartment, unless otherwise stated, chances are you’ll have a perfectly fine, but very basic central lighting fixture in the ceiling (if not downlights). If you want to add personality to your bedroom, consider having a feature pendant light or chandelier installed. If you have relatively high ceilings, this will look stunning and instantly lift the room. Be aware that if you don’t have high ceilings you don’t want a large low hanging pendant light as this will make the room appear smaller. 

Moving into a brand new apartment means you have a fresh palette to work with which is really exciting. Take advantage of this and start by looking a different lighting options, starting with your bedroom. 

By Katie Preston Toepfer, author, creative writer, copywriter and content coordinator for GoLights is an online retail destination offering premium lighting solutions for both residential and commercial applications.