Summer Home

9 years ago
3 minutes

Through the winter months, it is often a struggle to stay warm. More layers of clothing, keeping doors and windows shut, covering up with warm and cozy blankets on the sofa by the fire. But, freeze no more. The summer season is here. This is the perfect time to give your home a summertime facelift with some bright and fun home decor ideas. If you are at a loss of where to start, perhaps these five summer home decor ideas will give you inspiration.

Flowers and Plants
To make a big impact with little effort, flowers and plants are a great decorating tip. Introducing some bright colours and greenery to your decor will really liven up any room. Not only are real plants and flowers a great addition to bring spring into your home, artificial plants and flowers will also help to add to the liveliness of your decor.

Use the Sun
Change out the heavier winter curtains on the windows for some lighter fabric drapes or shades. This will allow in more light and make the rooms of your house feel warm and inviting. You can install shades on interior windows that receive the most direct sunlight to keep out the heat when the temperatures are blowing the mercury out of the thermometer. Use this opportunity to change around your furniture to accommodate the needs of the plants that desire this natural light.

Change your Colour Palate
An easy way to make a huge impact in a room is to paint it. This is normally a small cost application that results in huge changes to your decor. Paint the walls a light and airy colour to lighten the room and enhance the natural light. Using a bold or contrasting colour on one wall will create depth and drama to a room. You can paint this accent wall, cover it with wallpaper, or introduce an interesting painting technique or finish.

Exchange Bedding, Blankets, and Throws
When the temperatures are rising, it is time to change out heavy bedding, blankets, and throws from your decor. This is the perfect opportunity to choose a light and bright colour palate for your bedroom or living area. Choose bedding that is of a light colour with bold accents that you can repeat in the room for visual interest. Store away the extra blankets and throws.

One aspect that many people overlook when they decorate their homes is the smell of the home. The particular aroma that you choose is a personal preference decor decision. Regardless of the particular scent that you choose, the overall aroma should be a light and refreshing odour that will be pleasurable to your visiting guests.

To get the most out of your summertime home decor changes, it is important to make a big impression. You can do this easily with the addition of flowers, lighter curtains, new bedding, painting, and changing the aroma. Visit the Mortgage Choice Blog for more ideas on how to put the spring in your home decor.