A Sunlight To Rule Them All

9 years ago
1 minutes

It is not often that a piece of technology truly astounds you. Nor is it often that a skylight, confuses you and makes you think…

Apartments that are engulfed in natural light often receive the most interest - as a main criticism of apartments is that they are only part of a concrete jungle.

However, this latest skylight is something a little bit more special.

Walking in, putting your umbrella down, following your walk home in a cold rainy day in Melbourne, to be greeted with the warmth of sunlight.

Watch the video below:

Surprised, aren't you? If you watched the video, you’ll realise its not real sunlight, but a vast collection of LED lights that give you sunlight and its warmth without the harshness of UV. 

These can be placed inside apartments, in high-rise buildings, and give each apartment the feeling that they are in their own sky tower. No longer do apartment-occupiers have to have lightless bathrooms, with this latest product, apartment-living, whilst fake, can be as warm and bright as a sunny suburban home.

Could these beams of sunlight makes us not only continue to build skyscrapers, but dirtscrapers as well?

Designed by CoeLux, this latest interior mind-trick will surely be a winner. However, its £40,000 price tag, yes that is not a typo, will surely deter most people, or developers to even consider having them in their apartments yet.

Not to fret, the price will come down, once they are in mass-production.