Surviving Living & Furnishing As A Couple

8 years ago
3 minutes

So, you've moved into your new apartment that you have purchased with your partner. You both have your cherished belongings and own design inspirations, so how do you get both your ideals to correlate? Do you surrender to your partner's demands, or do you pick up your shield and go with your beliefs? Sometimes you need to do both, so here are some tips to know when to submit and when to stand up.


One of the great things about moving places, is that you can get rid of any belongings that you don't use anymore. Nobody wants to take clothes or belongings to their new place they don't want to use, so throw it out or sell it! You have a new apartment, so you don't want old, clashing furniture to go with your modern and architecturally designed interiors. You need three piles; keep, throw, sell/donate. Much like you’re going on a backpacking adventure through the Himalayas, you only should take want you need. This is especially prevalent for those who are downsizing. If you are still finding it difficult to lose some of your belongings, use alternative methods such as having a use-by-date. It is an important process of moving, and much like any relocation, you don't want excess baggage - so do not hoarde!  


To Shop Together, Or To Not

Some couples enjoy to shop together, where as some cannot bare the thought of trudging through countless furniture stores, or having their husband drag his feet and mope through some of Richmond’s designer furniture stores. It may be easy to say “you can do it all”, but when you’ve exhausted your budget, or that new sofa arrives that one party disliked, then an argument is likely. The trick? Avoid each other. If this sounds like you, then either give control to the more interested party, or employ an interior designer to help manage the weight, and provide you with informed opinions. If you don’t want to employ an interior designer, then both parties must have a middle ground, know exactly what they want in the apartment, and compromise by letting each other have one ‘golden buzzer’ to which they can overrule and choose a piece of furniture. 


Set your budget

Much like anything, this will cost you money. Refurnishing, or furnishing your apartment should be considered in your initial budget for pre-purchase. However, this circumstance changes per purchaser, as some have a lot to move (therefore less to buy), or vice-versa. Remember that these costings will be in addition to mortgage and other associated costs. Additionally, some furniture stores offer 18 months interest free loans on their furniture, and if that sounds applicable to you, then it is a good idea, however having monthly payments add up can be tough if you do this a lot. 


Don’t go all-in

Most people love impulse buying - it is exciting, thought-provoking and the adrenaline of saying “stuff it, let’s buy it” provides a rush. However, this is rarely a good idea - there is no need to blow your interior budget straight away. Get the necessary items done first, and choose carefully. Whilst $100 here or there may not matter when you consider it piece-by-piece,  it could add up to thousands of dollars. Once you have established what your individual design inspirations are, build your memories together as you share your new life - it is meant to be an experience so make sure you have fun!

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