Swiss Army Furniture

7 years ago
1 minutes

We love furniture design that’s as smart as it is beautiful. Take these pieces for example. Designed by furniture designer Stephen Kenn, each was created in collaboration with Victorinox, the company behind the famously adaptable Swiss Army knife.

Just like the Swiss Army knife, each piece has more than one function, transforming easily into something else. This efficient use of space is precisely why they’re perfect for apartment living.article-imageIndustrial in design, these furniture pieces are softened by the use of natural materials such as wood and vegetable-tanned leather to create a contemporary urban balance to these specially-commissioned home items.

Says Kenn on his website, “Partnering with individuals or brands expands our scope of possibility. We can learn valuable lessons from those we partner with, and we relish the opportunity to gain new perspectives.”

The elegant coffee table transforms into a raised desk, complete with hidden storage beneath the top. Its legs match the design of a Swiss Army knife’s toothpick, and can be removed and reversed for longer or shorter options depending on however you intend to use it.

The powder-coated steel chair doubles up (or should we say, opens up) to become a step ladder for reaching those top shelf items. It features a sling seat that not only looks comfortable but it also, apparently, aids good posture. Its functional, geometric forms would be perfectly suited to a minimalist apartment.

The tall cabinet consists of three connected modules that can rotate independently. This allows you to configure its different features exactly how you want them. It features configurable full length mirror, bookshelf, contained cabinet or handy message board, all putting space to maximum use. 

We’ve seen whole apartments that transform themselves at the touch of a button. But these contemporary pieces show the way towards a simpler solution increasing the functionality of your apartment.

source: stephenkenn