Technology is changing the property world

4 years ago
2 minutes

New technology has changed the way we communicate, the way we work — even the way we live in our homes. And now, it’s changing the way owner-occupiers and investors experience the property market. Let’s take a look at just some of these innovative apps and services.

Interactive sales suites

Off the plan apartment display suites use CGIs, 3D models, and samples of finishes and fixtures to help make the buying process real for purchasers. Some marketing teams are taking this to the next level by incorporating technology in the sales process.

Take the display suite at multi-residential project West Side Place in Melbourne. Before you enter the display apartment in the main room, you walk into a pitch black room. The doors shut and a sound and light show plays, projected across 3 walls with audio which travelling around the room — an effect which totally immerses you in the experience.


Peer-reviewed property postings

For investors, there are now online services which manage the ins and outs of leasing out their property by providing seamless and instant connection to real estate agents.

Vendorable, an Australian PropTech start-up, links landlords up with real estate agents via a unique ‘competitive’ tender for services. For example, you post an ad listing the property and services needed, set expectations around costs and preferred criteria and wait for agents to bid on your post. The best part? All users are peer-reviewed, like on Airbnb or Airtasker.

Independent property management

Soho is the ‘LinkedIn for property’. Similar to Airbnb, owners manage their own online profiles and listings but the difference lies in the app’s ability to streamline these processes for free. 

Owners can track potential tenants in-app and access basic investment metrics such as capital gains, how much you’ve made so far on your property, how much regular bills and strata rates are — all in one place.

Apartment building apps

Gone are the days of creating a WhatsApp group for you and your neighbours — now, most apartment projects are being created with comprehensive online portals. Often dubbed ‘concierge’ apps, they’re a one-stop shop for booking on-site amenities and requesting maintenance or trades services.

At Elysian in Queensland, developer Spyre Group has ensured residents have access to the project's own app — a community portal where residents can post classifieds for buying, selling, and swapping goods as well as a building events calendar.

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