Technology Trends

9 years ago
2 minutes

Technology can now function as a companion in Apartment living - check out these latest innovations that will make living just that little bit easier...and cooler...

1. Philips Hue LED Lighting

This revolutionary technology will not only save you money, but will also make you happy! It is convenient and creative - and has taken lighting to a whole new level. 

Philips HUE technology not only allows you to turn your lights on and off when you’re at work, but you can also change the colour of the lights to almost any variation of colour you want. HUE technology allows for the user to control their lighting with their smartphone, with the ability to set the lights to turn on when you walk in the home (it senses when you walk in), as well as lights to turn on as part of a wake-up alarm system. Oh, and since they are LED, they will decrease that power bill each time you receive one.

These are available in store now.

2. NEST Thermostat

NEST thermostat is a new technology that is due to be released in Australia in 2015. Again, it is a SMART thermostat system that can be controlled anywhere on the run. It allows you to change the thermostat on the way home from work, and even lets you see how much power you are using by having it on. NEST will even learn your desired preferences and turn itself off and on to match your desired temperatures when you are home and not home.

3. Samsung Dual TV

This TV is remarkable. It truly is. Husband wants to watch a sport game, the wife wants to watch the news, this is a fight waiting to happen. But, with Samsung’s newly released Dual 3D TV, marriages might last a little longer. With separate speakers in each of the 3D goggles, users can watch a different program to their partner despite looking at the same television.

At 55 inches, this new television is set to release in 2015.