Technology That Will Help You Wake Up In The Morning

8 years ago
3 minutes

Getting up in the morning is an effort; with the getting up part, the washing part, and the dressing part, it really can be quite stressful.

So why wouldn’t you want to make it easier? Thankfully, there are products that make getting up not only more efficient but far more fun.

Getting up is often the hardest thing, and every morning, when you’re walking out of home half-dressed, you regret pushing the ‘snooze’ button so many times. Well, no longer will you have to worry about the ever-so tempting ‘snooze’ button; the latest piece of technology, named Ruggie, is not just your normal alarm clock. 

Set your alarm the night before, and the alarm goes off at the time you set - but in order to stop the noise, you need to stand up, and place all your weight on the touch-sensitive mat. No longer will that snooze button get you in trouble at work.

We’ve all experienced those super toilets in Japan or Frankfurt, where they almost do everything for you. New toilets will not only automatically flush, and keep your cheeks warm through the built in seat-heater, but will now even wash and dry your behind for you. All these features do add up, and the cost is effectively unrealistic for most. 

However, Kohler’s Touchless Toilet Flush Kit, adds that one convenience to almost any toilet on the market today. This auto-flush kit can be installed on your toilet at home, and takes only 5 minutes to set up. Once installed, just waive your hand over the top of the toilet, and it will flush for you - easy as that!

Looking after our environment is imperative to a socially responsible living. So why should it stop in the shower when you’re half-awake? Short answer is, it shouldn’t. 

The WaterPepple is an easy battery operated, and entirely waterproof system that sits near your drain. What the Water Pepple does, is that it measures the amount of water running through to your plug, and uses three colour settings to alert you; green means you’re ready to go, orange means you are over halfway through, and red means that you should hop out. For families this not only encourages your children to consider how much water they are using, but will also significantly lower your water bill each month.

If you feel like you need a movie soundtrack to start your day, then the Glohe Aquatunes adds another dimension to your shower. The Aquatunes is a waterproof bluetooth speaker that will connect to any device, allowing you to choose what music you listen to when you wake up, or when you go to bed. With a fully functioning media controller in built into the device, you can skip and choose which song you want to play. And with a clip-on function, the Aquatunes can slide onto almost any existing shower.