The interior design of 6 iconic television shows reimagined

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Budget Direct Home Insurance has teamed up with interior design consultant Pat McNulty and NeoMam Studios to modernise the interiors of some of the most iconic television homes. They’ve used simple design techniques to create timeless styles which will easily increase your home’s value. And afterwards, you just might want to think about evaluating your home insurance.

Stranger Things

There is one iconic moment from the first season of Stranger Things which takes place in Joyce Byers’ (Winona Riders) living room. Using fairy lights, Joyce communicated with her son who was in another dimension but, while creepy in the show, it actually makes for a unique decor statement. 

The 80s evokes nostalgia but it’s not necessarily the best time period when it comes to interior design. The team opted for a 1970s retro vibe instead (see above) — think burnt-oranges and greens. You can replicate this look in your own home by creating a focal point with a statement couch. Add indoor plants either side as accent pieces, and purchase alphabet wall decal to stick up. For the piéce de résistance, string up fairy lights around the decal — the key is to make it look haphazard but not messy.

The Good Wife

This political show started off with a bang and saw the transformation of Alicia Florrick, the wife of a politician, from homemaker to a powerful businesswoman. Despite that, her children remained the most important part of life. 


The key here is to marry youthful vibrancy with an efficiency of space and simplicity in design. To replicate this look in your home office or study, paint the walls a cheerful yet muted yellow (you don’t want it to be too bright and overwhelming) and invest in a new high-quality Scandi-inspired desk. Pick up some up-cycled furniture to break up the clean lines and give the space a more homely feeling.

Breaking Bad

The grim, nitty-gritty television drama about meth labs and ex-teacher-turned-con still remains a massive talking point, even now that the show is over. Walter White’s kitchen in his home became the main background while he made crystal meth.


If you want to replicate this contemporary yet pristine kitchen redesign but you don’t want to entirely refit your kitchen, just focus on the splashback — that’s the real statement piece. Choose dark green subway tiles and place them in a horizontal herringbone pattern from one side of the kitchen bench to the other. If you really want to go all out, invest in striking yet simple pendant lights (best grouped in threes and placed over benchtops) — this will really complete this modern minimalist look.

Mad Men

Women all over the world know who Don Draper, and ergo Jon Ham, are thanks to this depiction of advertising firms in the 1960s. And when Don split from Betty and married Megan, viewers were scandalised. He downsized from his old-school mansion to an inner-city bachelor pad. While the studio apartment was cool for its time, it’d be out of trend now. 


The team revamped the space by pairing fun tropical elements with sophisticated textures and patterns. To copy the design in your own home, decorate a feature wall with this wallpaper and invest in a new bed frame with a decadent headboard to really achieve that luxe vibe.

Gilmore Girls

The long-running dramedy pulled at the heartstrings as it followed the journey of single mum Lorelai and her daughter Rory as they both grew older and wiser, and sometimes made mistakes. And while some furniture may have changed over time, Rory’s bedroom never really grew with the witty and sarcastic teenager. 


The key to doing up a bedroom you feel you’ve either grown out of or grown tired of is to change the small things. Keep your main furniture pieces like your bed and desk but update smaller fixtures and decorations. A modern chandelier will elevate the sense of sophistication in the space while a plush shag pile rug will add warmth.


I’ll be there for you… we all know the lyrics. Friends is one of the most iconic American television sitcoms, and the apartments they lived in have long been the inspiration for many redesigns. But Monica Geller’s bathroom in the show is sadly uninspired. You’d think she’d have decked her porcelain sanctuary with luxurious decor and fittings to reflect her penchant for feminine sophistication. And that’s just what the team has done in their reimagination.


It may be too costly to copy the floor-to-ceiling tiling in the render but you can inject elements of this modern and elegant bathroom in your own by updating your tapware. Brushed rose gold basin tapware will instantly elevate your bathroom experience and if you don’t have the space for a freestanding bathtub then replace your shower tapware with this gorgeous brushed rose gold shower combo set.

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