The keys to moving in winter

4 years ago
2 minutes

Moving can be a stressful feat at the best of times, and it’s even worse when you have to do it in cold, wet weather. But it doesn’t have to be — if you follow our advice, you can reduce the stress you feel on the day.

Waterproof your things

Place small electronics, cords and cables in waterproof plastic bags before packing them in boxes and ensure your movers wrap larger electronics such as TVs, washing machines and driers, as well as big furniture items, in tarp before placing them in the van. 

Water can easily seep through cardboard boxes, but if you line your boxes with bubble wrap before you pack them, you’ll add another layer of protection. 

Allow plenty of time

Rainy weather can impact traffic. People slow down on wet roads due to slippage and poor visibility, so it’s likely to take a little longer to get to your new home. There is also a higher risk of accidents during stormy weather, so however long you gave yourself to move, add another hour either side to cater to any potential setbacks or road accidents. It’s also worth servicing your car ahead of the move.

Prevent accidents

You’ll be travelling in and out of your home a fair bit as you load your boxes and furniture into the moving van. Shoes get wet and dirty and, as a result, your floors can get slippery as mud gets tracked in and out of the home, and there is nothing worse than you or your movers having an accident.

Lay down cardboard — it doesn’t have to cover the whole floor — in high traffic areas, like at the front door and along hallways, so most of the mud will rub off here first.

Look after yourself

It’s going to add another layer of drama to your move if it suddenly starts pouring while you’re wrangling the couch out of the doorway. This is why it’s so important to make sure you give yourself, and those helping you, a little extra love.

Have towels and hot drinks on hand to take the edge off the cold. If you’re moving on your own, take regular breaks and warm your fingers in front of the heater.


Protect floors

When you arrive at your next home, the last thing you want is dirty footprints marring your new home. Use heavy-duty tape to secure plastic sheets to the ground in the hallway and bedrooms. For carpets, you can pick up self-adhesive plastic protection tape from Protective Film — it’s cheap, easy to lay down and effective.

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