The large apartment option

4 years ago
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We may have been a little late to the apartment party compared to Europe and the US, but Australia’s take on multi-residential living is maturing at a rapid rate.

One indicator of this is the increasing number of larger apartments being created by developers, clearly spurred on to do so by growing demand from buyers.

Families and downsizers

It stands to reason that as more and more families choose apartment living, they’re looking for a space that’s big enough to raise that family in. And developers who offer larger apartments are seeing them proving to be a big drawcard for buyers who can’t afford a house that’s big enough for their needs or don’t want to live out of town.

Another eager group keen to snap up larger apartments are downsizers. Having lived in larger houses in the outer suburbs, they are moving into inner-city apartments in considerable numbers, to be closer to their family and more accessible healthcare and amenities.

These two groups are prepared to invest in a longer-term future in these residences, and developers are offering considerable apartments that match this considerable investment.

Designed for a bigger life

Even a larger one bedroom apartment can offer a more enjoyable living experience. A growing number of developers are offering larger scale apartments even in the one-bedroom bracket, creating residences perfect for young professional couples who don’t want to feel cramped.

Designing apartments with larger floor space is one part of the equation. It’s also about how those floorplans are configured. Large spaces also have to be functional, and opening up internal spaces, particularly with the kitchen-dining-living areas, can make a real difference. Smart developers are ensuring floorplans are designed in such a way as to ensure the space is maximised in the areas residents need it to be.


Image: 443 Queen Street


Balconies also come into play when creating a larger apartment. Buyers come with a wide range of wants and needs, with many people happier to have more space outdoors than indoors. To cater for this, some apartment developments feature a semi-enclosed balcony, sunroom or ‘loggia’ which can be closed off or opened depending on the resident’s requirement.


Image: West End

Combining multiple apartments

Something else smart developers are offering buyers is the opportunity to combine two smaller one-bedroom apartments into a generously proportioned two or three bedroom residence.

This is happening mostly in smaller, low-rise projects where there is the chance to do so without compromising on the economies of scale that larger towers are restrained to. And some buyers are doing this with a longer-term plan – buying two adjoining apartments and having one for their adult children to live in now, ready to knock through and combine into one larger apartment for themselves when those children move out. Whether or not they move out voluntarily is another matter…

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Hero image: Luminary Hawthorn