The power of a neutral colour palette

5 years ago
2 minutes

Contemporary neutral colour palettes possess one particularly useful superpower — they allow you to completely change the look of your home by editing one or two decor items. Trends come and go, and with a neutral colour palette you can enjoy sampling them whenever the mood takes you — and you don’t have to break the bank to do so.

Cushions and throws

You can easily brighten up your living room by using cushions to add pops of colour. We love the high-quality and affordable range at Simply Cushions. You can also play with texture by buying throws in different fabrics. We love this knitted Sheridan Milson Throw and these Mohair throws from Temple & Webster. When you add these against your colourful cushions, you have a layered look which works beautifully against the neutral walls.


Artwork and mirrors

You can change the entire feeling of a room by simply editing the artwork you have on display. If you have a landscape piece with predominant greens and blues, swap it out for a bright pop art piece and you’ve dramatically altered the style of your home.

If you buy an series of three pieces you can put one in each room and effectively change the style of your whole home. Then, when your home feels like it needs a refresh, you can just rotate these artworks from room to room for a quick fix.



Alter your bedroom by investing in vibrant bedding. If you’re a fan of the glamorous and elegant, then you might love this set from Café Press or you might prefer traditional colours like this royal blue velvet bed cover set. The point is: you can go all out, or keep it minimal and either way your intended style will work in a home with muted wall colours.


Towels and bath mats

Use the neutral tones in your bathroom to your advantage and invest in fun towels and bath mats. We love these vibrant coral coloured towels from Bed Bath N’ Table. Alternately, if you already have towels you love dearly, update your bathmat to change the theme of the space. This green bathmat from Bambury will complement any indoor plants you have in your bathroom perfectly.


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