The top 5 cats for apartment living

3 years ago
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Pets are the perfect companion for those living by themselves in apartments, or the perfect trial run for those looking to grow their families. Some people prefer the comparative independence of cats over the robustness of dogs, which makes them great apartment pets. 

Cats are a lower maintenance option, as they don't need daily walks outside the apartment, and don't need to be let out outside to go to the toilet. So it is no wonder that cats are often a preferred option for apartment dwellers. 

We've compiled a list of the best breeds for apartments.


Russian Blue

These are a cuddly, affectionate, intelligent and well behaved cat - and by almost all accounts, handsome.

Sporting a fluffy grey coat, and piercing green eyes, they grow up to be around 7kg, and require only a weekly brush of their coat.


Image: Pet Paw



These expressive cats used to be for royalty or Buddhist monks only, and were not allowed for anyone else. Today, this has changed, and these partially albino cats, who possess beautiful blue eyes, are extremely vocal, and will attempt to communicate with you when they want something.



Maine Coon

Arguably one of the coolest cats going around, and ideal for couples who are fighting over whether they should get a dog or a cat.

The second largest cat breed, behind the Savannah, the Maine Coon is strong in stature and pride, but also extremely loyal. Whilst their size may be intimidating to some, they are often referred to as ‘gentle giants’.


Image: Attack of the Cute


Exotic Shorthair

This squished face Persian is used in many different films and entertainment avenues.

Nicknamed the Lazy Man’s Persian, the ginger coat and easygoing personality make it a great cat for families with children.


Image: Tumblr



The rag doll is one of the most adorable cats available. Why are they called rag-dolls? Well, when you pick them up, they instantly go limp - with limbs flailing everywhere. With stunning blue eyes, these cats are large, and grow to the size of a large dog breed’s puppy.


Image: Ragdoll Breeder

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