The upsides to downsizing.

3 years ago
3 minutes

Downsizing really should be called upsizing when you consider how comprehensively it can enhance lives. There are so many dimensions to how downsizing can elevate your current lifestyle - offering both a new way of living and rewarding you for all your decades of hard work. 

Less work

Selling the family home and moving into an apartment is wonderfully liberating. YOu never have to clean or paint the gutter again! Someone else cleans the windows, weeds the garden and takes care of all the external maintenance. 

Add up the time that you spend looking after a traditional house and garden and you’ll be surprised at the total hours. When moving into an apartment, you can probably halve the time you spend on housework - a newly built apartment is much easier to clean than an older house.

Image credit: Sky Residences

Great amenities

Your choice of apartment is going to be a massive factor in your new life as a downsizer. Lifestyle amenities are a big drawcard and developers are competing to see who can offer the most. 

Swimming pools, spas, yoga studios and gymnasiums are a bonus for those who like to keep fit - and you no longer have to pay gym memberships. 

If you like hosting parties or having larger groups of friends over for dinner, consider an apartment with a shared catering kitchen and dining room. Outdoor cinemas, barbecue lawns, rooftop gardens and pools with glamorous decks all feel luxurious and ready to enjoy. The grandchildren will love to visit - especially in summer!

Image credit: Esplande Norwest

Perfect location

The location of your new apartment can complement your new lifestyle. Many new developments are close to the city, offering easy access to theatres, galleries and entertainment. Set within vibrant precincts, you’ll also be a walk away from public transport, cafes, restaurants and retail stores. 

You will also have plenty of time and opportunity to immerse yourself into the neighbourhood and get to know its people. Before long, staff at the local cafe will know your order and ask about the family. There is time to connect, to explore local amenities and discover like-minded people in your building and beyond.

Image credit: East Village

Peace of mind

Another aspect of apartment living is security - the everyday security of a video intercom, perhaps a concierge at the front desk and also secure car parking. Then there is the blissful security and convenience of being able to pick up your suitcase, walk out the door and go on holiday at a moment's notice. 

A fresh focus

Downsizing offers the opportunity to hit the ‘reset’ button - to change the habits of your old life and programme a new set that puts you front and centre. It’s the time to do all those things that you’ve been meaning to get around to. Learn a new language, finally read that book you’ve been thinking about, study for the pure pleasure of learning or volunteer in a field that sparks your interest. 

Downsizing is a state of mind as much as it is a piece of property - and it has a lot to offer. 

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