Three little secrets to make your apartment look good

6 years ago
3 minutes

Maybe you’ve just moved into your new apartment, maybe your move-in date is on the horizon. Either way, you’ve got your heart set on a beautifully decorated apartment and your mind made up that you’re going to get it right this time. 

But how do you make sure that your furnishing and decorating efforts pay off, leaving you with an apartment whose overall visual effect is enviably enticing? Read on.

Throwing together a collage of neat souvenir pieces you’ve collected throughout your lifetime is unlikely to result in a pleasing composition, and buying anything and everything from this month’s edition of House & Garden will probably prove just as futile.

So before we let you in on three little secrets that will make your interior dreams come true, we suggest you loosen any emotional ties to your belongings and clear your coffee table of magazines full of page-turning home inspiration.


1. Less is more

The first rule is to limit the number of pieces you put in each room. It may be tempting to fill your bedroom with artisan oak bedside tables, bedside lamps with art-deco shades, a kooky collage of framed pictures on the wall – breathe – that grandiose mirror you inherited from grandma and the wardrobe that made picking out your outfit every morning look so easy in that advert. But resist.


Newmarket, Randwick

A stylish and modern bedroom might have a bed with a slim or invisible frame, feature lighting suspended from the ceiling, and bedside tables and robes that are flush and as integrated as possible. Apply this simple design philosophy to your entire home and you’ll be off to a good start.


2.  Twist and shout

With this minimalist approach across the apartment, you’re probably thinking that the place doesn’t feel very you. After all, all of those souvenirs are tucked away out of sight in your bedroom’s seamlessly integrated storage compartment.

But you are allowed to add a couple of twists to the place to make it your own. For example, you could incorporate some plant life and a bamboo soap dispenser into your bathroom to hint at a jungle. Or simply hang an absolutely fabulous chandelier above your dining table.


Castle Residences, Sydney

By sticking to just a small number of twists set against a plain background, you allow yourself the chance to incorporate an element of extravagance that will actually shout louder than a collection of gimmicks and gizmos.


3. Invest in the best

The final bit of advice we have to impart centres around quality. While decking out an apartment can rack up a pretty substantial bill, there’s nothing more important than creating a home environment that makes you happy.


Aurora, Cronulla

When it comes to those tough decisions, if possible, don’t compromise. Buy that expensive oak dining room table you want because it will make you smile every time you sit down for dinner. Invest in that stellar set of champagne glasses because it’ll mean you have two reasons to pop the bottle when you get good news. The other thing about investing in quality is that it will stand the test of time, saving you fuss and potentially even money in the long term.

So, the secrets are out. Still looking for a place to decorate with your new found wisdom? Check out our off the plan apartment listings here.

Hero image is a render from Centrale