Tiling Your Apartment

9 years ago
3 minutes

Buying and moving into a brand new apartment is very exciting whether it is as a first property owner or not.   After the stress of moving and settling in with all essential furniture it is important to create a personalised space that is individual to you suitable for living, working, relaxing and entertaining.

For some new owners this could be an exciting project stimulating creative ideas with lots of flair and for other it could be very daunting, not knowing where to start.  The main objective is to keep it simply to suit your style, design, location( e.g. beach, urban or country) and budget.  

Kitchens and bathrooms in new apartments are usually equipped with beautiful tiles.   You can introduce your own personality and individual style by adding tile stickers  created to add patterns and designs to already existing plain tiles.   These are removable so if you get sick of them or want a change of theme or colour it is as easy as peeling them off.

Also a beautiful hand painted feature tile always looks great in a kitchen or bathroom and can be glued onto an existing tile surface or wall or could be hung like a picture.  Tiles are a popular choice as a feature for the bathroom and kitchen as they are easy to clean and are heat and moisture resistant.

Often a brand new apartment is a blank canvas for decorating and choices have to be made regarding colours, furnishing and decor.

Choosing a colour scheme is very personal and is an intrinsic element in design and decor.  Colour can create a mood, evoke emotions, make a bold statement or can tie together all you decor themes.  The cooler, softer tones evoke a peaceful and calming atmosphere as do the natural earthy tones and blues that harmonise with nature.  Hot, bold, bright colours inject vibrancy and life to your decor, create an eye-catching feature and rejuvenate a tired or blank space into one you can enjoy.

A good way of choosing a colour scheme is to choose a favourite object of art,  a rug you may love, a beautiful piece of ceramic or fabric  and base your colour theme around that piece  complementing your walls, furniture and decor items with that piece.  

As the balcony of any apartment is an integral part of the living space it needs to be decorated with as much interest and care.  It only makes sense to turn your outdoor living areas into an extension of your interior living space.

Decorate with some wall art,  ceramic feature tile or metal art work, and by adding accessories using the colours and patterns your have already used and love from inside,  for example, florals, patterns, stripes or bold colours and layer it through with tablecloths, cushions, pots and potted flowers.  Tie in colour schemes with other accessories such as ceramic lanterns, bowls, umbrella, outdoor furniture, garden stool etc ,  to enhance you living space.

Margie Tweedie