Time To Adapt To Home-Streaming

8 years ago
2 minutes

It’s time.

For those who still haven’t jumped on the streaming bandwagon, it is now time to throw your hands up, and embrace it.

With the rate in which technology progresses, there comes certain points in the technology-adaptation timeline, where one needs to adapt for fear of falling completely behind, and playing catch-up.

For those fearing that point of no return sign, it is coming up, and coming quickly.

Netflix, Stan & Presto are all available in Australia, and provide a on-demand, flat-fee service, where the user can select what they want to watch, when they want, without advertising, all for around 45 cents a day - or $13 - $14 a month.

Recently, across a few ponds, our American cousins trialled an ‘experiment’ to which they launched a live web-cast of an inaugural NFL game that was played in London.

Web-giant Yahoo purchased the rights to that one singular game for USD $20m, enabling a free streaming service on their network, without any ads or payment. It was heralded as a complete success, signifying a social break-through, with users who were beyond the age of 70, logging on and using the service.

Additionally, it was rumoured that Apple were tempted to get involved themselves - with a purchase of the Sunday Night football package, at a cost of around $4-10 billion USD. If this does go ahead, the games will be put on the evolutionary product that is Apple TV.

Back to Australia.

Channel 9, Channel 7, and Foxtel are reportedly leading the way in the placement and implementation of web-cast live streaming for their telecasts. Be it AFL, NBL or the A-League, the sports would be available in real-time at the click of a button - either on your mobile device, tablet or computer.

Whilst viewing programs that have aired in the past is common practice, see ABC’s iView and Channel 9’s Catch-Up, Foxtel has been the only real live-streamer with their mobile/computer app Foxtel Go, allowing the live stream of English Premier League games from all hours of the morning.

For those needing help with their Apple TV, and its apps, be not afraid; head into any Apple Store or JB Hi Fi, and there are in-store tutorials to which you will be taught all that is home-technology - click here to book in an appointment.