Tips for hosting holiday parties

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The holiday season is here, and with it comes a long ‘to do’ list. Hosting your friends and family for Christmas can be a stressful affair, with different expectations, preferences and pressures to juggle before and on the day.  These tips will make your hosting experience stress-free and enjoyable. 

Make a detailed timeline 

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Preparation is the key to hosting any good festive celebration, especially when guests have particular expectations for the day. So whether you’re making a Christmas lunch with turkey, ham and an array of deserts, or putting out a lighter offering, preparing beforehand will make your holiday event a much more enjoyable occasion. 

If you can, ask someone to come over a day or two before to help set the table or prepare the dishes that take a longer to make. Not only will this make the process a bit more fun, it will also mean there’s no last-minute running around on the day of celebrations. 


Anyone who has ever hosted a holiday party will know that it can get expensive fast. So it’s important to always set a budget. Write down a detailed list of ingredients and items you’ll need as well as their prices before heading out to the shops. Most importantly, when shopping, stick to your budget! 

Grazing boards 

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If you are hosting a larger group this holiday season, grazing boards can be a fantastic way of ensuring your guests are never hungry. Likewise, cheese boards are another excellent way of providing a delicious snack for guests until the main meal is ready. 

Establish traditions 

Traditions are often a part of holiday celebrations that people most look forward to, whether it's an annual kris kringle, cookie decorating or watching a holiday movie as a family. They provide a sense of comfort and community for everyone involved. Of course, a major element of a tradition is that they take place every holiday season. So establishing your own traditions can foster a sense of community and holiday spirit amongst guests. 


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Decorations will transform an ordinary gathering into an event filled with festive spirit. No matter how you celebrate the holidays, themed decorations and table settings will create a warm and inviting atmosphere for the day. 

Hosting during the holidays can be a stressful time for anyone, but with these simple tips you can be sure to create a beautiful, and memorable festive day for your guests. 

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