Tips to making your apartment feel like home

8 years ago
3 minutes

Moving to a new apartment can be stressful, especially in the first few weeks when you are unpacking, decorating, transferring utilities, and settling into your changed routine.

No matter how gorgeous your new space, you may find yourself missing the familiarity of your old home. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do when you move in to ease the transition and make your flat feel like a home. 

Fill Empty Walls

Empty walls automatically make a space feel less cozy, so make it a priority to display your wall art as soon as you move in, even if it’s not in its permanent position.

If you haven’t yet arranged your furniture and aren’t sure where you want to place your art, pick a few of your favorite pieces and prop them against the wall on top of tall items like a bookshelves and dressers.

This creates the illusion that your space is decorated and helps you decide where you want to hang your decor once you’ve unpacked. 

Make it Smell Amazing

New units often smell a little stale from routine cleaning, painting, or sometimes even the last tenants’ pets. Light a few scented candles, bake some cookies or use an essential oil diffuser to make your apartment smell like home.

You can also place dryer sheets behind baseboards and inside air vents, or hang eucalyptus in your shower, letting the steam distribute the scent. 

Add Color with Paint

Paint is one of the most dramatic and budget-friendly ways to personalize your space, and it’s easiest to do it when you’ve just moved in, before you unpack.

If you’re apartment is small, stick with light colors that will make the space seem larger. Or, if a dark color is more your style, try painting an accent wall and leaving the other walls lighter for contrast. If your landlord doesn’t allow painting, you can always try applying a temporary wallpaper or removable wall decals.

Upgrade Hardware and Fixtures

Make a unit yours by temporarily installing your own cabinet hardware, showerhead and light fixtures. No matter how luxurious your new flat, changing these small elements can completely transform and personalize your space.

Make absolutely sure to save any items you remove in a designated space so you can re-install it when you move out, otherwise you could be charged a hefty replacement fee.

Buy Fresh-Cut Flowers or a Houseplant 

Plants can help bring some cheer to your new space, and symbolize renewal and growth at home.

Even in the middle of the chaos of unpacking and organizing, it’s easy to appreciate the beauty of flowers and plants. Not to mention they help to freshen the air and create more oxygen indoors. If you’re afraid a vase or pot will get in the way, try anchoring a hanging planter to a curtain rod.

Relocating can be emotional, and it’s natural to feel a little out of place in your new flat while you’re moving in. Adding a few of these easy, fast personal touches can help ease the transition and make you more relaxed. Now all you have to do is invite a few friends over to show off your amazing new space!

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