The Top 10 Ways To Liven Up Your Bathroom

8 years ago
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The bathroom is an essential room in one’s home  as it can act as a personal retreat or hideaway for  those seeking to relax after a long day at work, or a stressful day  with the kids. 

Decorating and jazzing up your bathroom can add to this element of retreat- whether it’s that craving for a bubble bath after an exhausting day, or that desire for a long cold shower after a big workout at the gym. 

But you can’t retire to this space for comfort, peace and quiet if it is looking shabby, messy and uninviting. 

Here are the 10 essential items everyone needs for their bathroom to look and feel brand new, no matter how big or small the space.

Towel Rack 

Never leave those wet towels lying around on the bathroom floor or the carpet of your room. A towel rack is the perfect essential to hang up your towels to dry off, as well as looking uniformed and neat. 

Shower basket

There’s nothing worse than needing to bend down to the floor of the shower every time you go to wash your hair, leaving your recently washed and dried hair wet. A shower basket is a key item for the shower so that everything you need is in arms reach, and therefore you avoid hurting your back! It also looks tidy when guests walk past. 

A Good Mirror 

Every bathroom needs a funky mirror. The mirror is the centrepiece for every bathroom, so get creative.

Whether its a hanging mirror, mirror cabinet, a frameless mirror, a lighted mirror or a captain’s mirror, chose what’s best for you and your style.

Remember also, that mirrors differ, ask yourself whether you want a mirror that has honest tones and no magnification, or one that is warmer, 

Shower Curtain

Shower curtains look chic and contribute greatly to the overall look of your bathroom.

They are also a smart way to hide things, by sorting things in the bath and closing the curtain when guests visit.

They can even be switched over with ease to change up the whole look of the bathroom every season. Shower curtains definitely jazz up your bathroom- go for the taller curtains to make your bathroom look larger! 

Bath Mats

You definitely cannot have a bathroom without a bath mat. Unless you want to slip over every time you come out of the shower, bath mats are an absolute and obvious necessity to any bathroom. There are many types of mats to choose from, ranging from bamboo, teak, hemp, cloth, rubber, wood or moss. And whilst you cant

Rubbish Bin

Getting a stylish and clean foot petal bin will remind you and guests to throw away those tissues or cotton buds you left on the bench Bathroom bins are a crucial element to keeping your bathroom clean and pristine. 


Bathrooms without storage units can be tricky. But not to worry, componibili’s are a suitable and functional item for storing your bits and bobs for the bathroom. They don’t require a lot of space, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles with sliding doors. 


Every woman needs perfect lighting in her bathroom  for applying make up and doing her hair, , as do men when they are having or styling their hair.

So there’s no doubt about this one that light is everything in a bathroom. But not only the type of light but the style of light. Mix it up with a hanging light, an illuminated mirror or even backlighting under the vanity and behind a commode! 

Every woman needs honest lighting when applying their makeup or fixing their hair, and the same goes for men when they are shaving or grooming.

So there is no doubt that having the appropriate light, illuminating the appropriate areas is a must for an organised bathroom. Keep the downlights on, but add a more intentional light - this can be a floor standing lamp or a lamp that sits on your counter top. 

Marble Soap Dish 

If you like your sink to look clean for guests, then a marble soap dish is what you need. Marble is stylish and works perfectly in a white bathroom. Even more, you want your soap to last as long as possible, and the best way for this is to have it drain properly.

Alternatively, if this isn't for you, invest in some Aesop hand-wash - a minimalist pump-action hand wash that smells great, and leaves your bathroom feeling fresh.

Sink Shelves   

Sink shelves are a smart way to create extra storage space in your bathroom.  Store all those little essential products that you use everyday without leaving your bathroom bench top a mess with products sprawled all over the place.

Place a sliding a sink shelf underneath the sink, that way you are not taking up any of the moving space within the bathroom. 

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