Top 5 innovative gadgets for your bathroom

3 years ago
2 minutes

You can transform your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary in more than one way. It starts with the design but if you’ve already got a luxuriously appointed bathroom, then you can look at products which will enhance your experience of the space.

Rainshower SmartControl

Transform the way you shower with German company Grohe’s shower heads. The smart controls are easy to use, and Grohe’s patented TurboStat technology ensures water is delivered at the right temperature within a fraction of a second and stays consistent for the remainder of your shower. You can control the water flow, adjusting from ‘Eco’ to ‘Full Flow’ and thanks to the Rainshower 360 head shower, you can choose your preferred spray pattern, from gentle rain to a massage spray. The only problem? You won’t want to leave the shower.


JBL Clip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than having some background music on while you shower. But what happens when you want to change the song or adjust the sound? The JBL Bluetooth speaker is made of durable rubber and is waterproof. In addition, it comes with a clip so you hang it from the soap caddy in your shower. It has up to 10 hours of battery life – though we don’t recommend you stay in the shower for that long...


Avenir Heated Towel Racks

Transform your shower experience by investing in heated towel racks. Avenir’s range has replaceable heating elements so you don’t need to replace the whole thing if something breaks, save up to 25% by not heating the side rails, and are easy to install. As an added bonus, Avenir is an Australian company which supports the factory’s energy usage with 10kw solar power and uses stainless steel instead of chrome-plated brass wherever possible.


Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart Toilet (as shown above)

With a soft-close seat, night light, presence detection sensor and auto-cleaning retractable nozzle, Roca’s latest range of toilets transforms the bathroom experience. Minimise the amount of toilet paper you buy by using the toilet’s cleaning functions. You can adjust the position of the nozzle and water temperature — you can even change the air temperature of the drying function!

The Loogun

Do you hate cleaning your toilet? Do you feel a little dirty afterwards and need to wash your hand three or four times even if you’ve worn gloves? Then you’ll appreciate the Loogun. This hand-held motorised device sprays a powerful jet of water into the toilet to clean stubborn marks with ease, so you don’t have to touch your toilet bowl with your hands. It cleans both above and below the water line, and even comes with a 12-month warranty and satisfaction guarantee.




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