Top Televisions For Your Home

8 years ago
2 minutes

Televisions come in many different sizes, styles and capabilities, so choosing one for your home can be extremely overwhelming.

When there are curved, LED, OLED, 4K, Edge, and Plasma televisions, you want to make sure you are purchasing the right television, that fits your requirements. So here are the top four televisions for your apartment for 2015.

For those that are unaware, a 4K television refers to the amount of pixels that can fit into a certain space. The more the pixels that can fit into a square centimetre, the smaller they are – therefore the less noticeable they are, thus producing a clearer picture. Whilst 4K content isn’t broadly available, its implementation, specifically in online streaming, is arriving quickly.


  1. Samsung UA65JS9500 4K – 65” curved -  $7,205

Arguably the best television to ever exist, the picture quality of this 4K Samsung television is ground-breaking and is unmatched across the 4K market. At $7,200 for the 65” version, it is by no means cheap, but is ideal for those wanting the best of the best.

  1. LG 55UF850T 4K – 55” curved - $2,500

Packing around 33,000,000 pixels, this LG OLED 4K TV represents an incredible realism to its picture. A cheaper alternative to to the incredible Samsung, the LG packs its punch with great sound quality and a slightly smaller size.

  1. Panasonic TH-55CX700A – 55” - $1,998

Comparatively cheaper than the Samsung and LG, this quad-core Panasonic is an entry level Ultra HD television. Whilst not as powerful as the above, this television is a true representation of value-for-money.

  1. Sony KD75X8500C 4K – 75” - $5,646


This huge 3D 4K Sony television is all about size. At 75” wide, this television is one of the largest on the market, and it hasn’t been held off in terms of quality. Ideal for gamers and sports-watchers who require a high refresh rate, this Sony may cost you a bit, but it should last you decades.