Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary

5 years ago
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Bathrooms tend to be forgotten when personalising our homes. We roll in the towels and toothbrushes and consider it job done. But this can be so much more than just a place to wash away the grime of the day. Your bathroom can be rejuvenating and revitalising – a sanctuary where you can steal a moment of precious calm in a busy life. Solitary peace in beautiful surroundings is good for your mind and your body.

Your morning ritual or a long, luxurious bath before bedtime are all the more pleasurable in a place that makes you feel tranquil, grounded and in control of your surroundings.

Make it yours

Think about what makes you feel light and happy. Is it pale colours, orderly surfaces and a sense of luxury? Maybe a touch of nostalgia makes you feel cosy and nurtured, or does a flicker of Hollywood glam put a smile on your face? With a few small touches, the bathroom can be as personalised as the rest of your house.

Walls need not be bare. A collection of photographs or a large print will change the look immediately. Choose frames that reflect your style – wood for a natural look, silver for glamour or antique for a nostalgic theme.

Create the mood

Lighting creates mood faster than anything else and there is only one kind for a soothing bath or a wickedly long shower – the soft flickering shadows of candlelight with a bewitching fragrance.


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Naturally soothing

A connection to the natural world with items that have heart and texture is a perfect way to bring on a mellow vibe. Try wood, rather than plastic, for containers and brushes. A wooden stool not only brings in a little bit of nature but is very handy – somewhere to put your drink while lazing in the bath, for example.

Plants are a given for a relaxing bathroom. They flourish in a humid atmosphere creating a healthy environment by purifying the air and the shapes soften the room’s hard edges. Choose something that suits your space. Maidenhair fern spreads a delicate lightness, orchids are luxurious and glamorous, snake plants add height and drama without taking up space, and trailing vines give a woodland atmosphere. Not feeling the green thumb? Try spider plants – very cute, very hardy.

Moss is turning up in a quirky innovation. Moss mats, as real and alive as the forest floor, are a natural alternative to the conventional bathmat. Various mosses are grown on a stable type of foam and watered by the droplets when you step out of the shower.

Don’t spoil the magic

Before you start adding elements to your new bathroom, remember clutter is the enemy. Toothbrushes, hairdryers, shavers and make-up should be easily accessible, but not scattered about.

Beware of things that are too intricate and detailed. There is nothing relaxing about looking up from a warm bath and seeing a pretty basket or filigree light fitting festooned with dust and towel fluff.

Sweet cleans

Toxic cleaner smells can also be a turn-off that kills the calming mood. There’s a big difference between a clean, fresh smell and the acrid odour of industrial mould remover. Natural cleaning products are child and pet-friendly, cruelty-free and in choosing them you are being kind to the planet.