Up your apartment game with vintage poster art

2 years ago
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Whether you have a brand new apartment with neutral walls, or you’re thinking of giving your place a quick upgrade, a classic vintage poster is a sure-fire way of adding instant style to your apartment.

There are plenty of specialist art dealers and poster suppliers who’ll have exactly what you need. Many, such as The Galerie in Melbourne, will ship anywhere around Australia.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to add a touch of vintage flair to your home. While a large-scale impressive piece will set you back thousands, you can pick up a small poster starting from around $150 – it’s a great way to kick off a collection without breaking the bank.

Choose an era

Popular choices are classic victorian era posters, particularly French. This period of the late 1800s was the heyday of poster art when the streets of Paris were a blaze of colour. Posters for restaurants, stage shows and cabarets are particularly popular.

Early-to-mid-20th Century posters are also a popular choice as advertising experienced another stylistic and creative boom around this period.

Of course, the term ‘vintage’ means different things to different people - and is largely dependant on how old you are. If you’re more of an 80s child and want to be constantly reminded of your youth, you’re also well catered for. There isn’t the sense of vintage feel when it comes to the physical printing and materials, but you’ll have plenty of choice from this period.

Choose a topic

Not sure what type of posters to look for? Many people who have a particular interest or hobby collect posters around a theme. Things like cars, sports, and travel destinations are great options.

Mid-20th Century ads for everyday products have a wonderful charm thanks to the visual style, typography and colour palettes of the day.

You could collect small posters of fashion items like shoes or hats, or focus on food-related products for your kitchen area. You’ll be looking at the artwork day after day so make sure the topic is something that you like – maybe one that tells visitors something about you.

Frame it

Vintage Posters deserve to be treated well, so if you buy one that isn’t framed, this should be on your to-do list. A good frame will ensure your poster is protected and lasts you a lifetime and beyond.

A good frame transforms a poster from something ephemeral to a more powerful piece of visual art that will enhance your home. Plus, you’re not a teenager any more.

A framed poster can also stand up by itself, for example, if you choose to position a large poster on the floor leaning against a wall or on a shelf with other artworks in a casual style.

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Hero image credit: vintagepostersonly